A few nice Angelina Jolie Photo images I found:

WIP collage
Angelina Jolie Photo
Image by Bharath Kishore
The answer to the eyes. Guess I don’t need to tell you anymore.

For the curious crafters. The series of images show the progress. The last two rows are the different parts of the finished portrait.

Similar to "Not a painting, not a sketch. Made with paper, not an etch!"

It took me over 20hours and I had to do it in one sitting coz pieces once cut, had to be used before I forget where to put them. Even with just black and 2 shades of gray, it had over 100 pieces (small and big). The worst part was the hair on the left side. 80% of black in that is just one piece. Took me 90mins cutting just that one piece. The eyes are those which I enjoyed most cutting. However, I ended up with what is one of my masterpieces and big giant head ache.

Brangelina – close up
Angelina Jolie Photo
Image by Mirka23
A cropped version of this photo.

Britney spears, shadow
Angelina Jolie Photo
Image by saffirahweb