Why do people still buy celebrity gossip magazines?

Question by caffeinefaerie: Why do people still buy celebrity gossip magazines?
Don’t they realize that the same “news” is available about two-three days prior, for free, on the gossip blogs?

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Answer by lek
same reason people pay to watch wrestling

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5 thoughts on “Why do people still buy celebrity gossip magazines?”

  1. I was watching this documentary thing on tv that said that people are obsessed with celebrities because in a way they feel like they know them. They are in their homes every night in their personal space, on their television sets so people get this unconsciousness that they know the person and they get all crazy wanting to know who’s pregnant or who’s getting a divorce.

  2. Coverage of certain washed-up celebrities (read: Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, and especially Nicole Richie) should be stopped completely. When they finally realize that nobody gives a s**t about them and their pathetic habits they will stop trying to get attention. Or even better, the legal system should stop treating them better than us normal people. Who cares if Paris Hilton cries in jail, nobody would care if a normal person was scared of jail like she was. So why the hell was she released, we wouldn’t be!

  3. To learn what’s up in hollywood and beverly hills. Pretty much just to find out how stupid celebritys act. lol, no offence or anything to anyone reading this.

  4. Because they want to read some of the things over and over again. I know it’s pointless, but it’s still fun to read some of those stories. Then, you can compare star’s life with yours and say that yours is a lot of times better.

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