Why do people care so much about celebrity gossip?

Question by talk_to_cyd: Why do people care so much about celebrity gossip?

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Answer by Mistʎdawnǝ
because they have no lives and live through celebrities the octmom is a great example

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  1. because people hate their boring lives and have no self esteem that they need to be “involved” in the lives of others, And they’ll also feel at their best when celebrities get fat or do something to make them feel like they’re on the same level as reg. people. its really stupid. who cares about their personal lives you know

  2. Why not? What do you do with all your spare time? Perez Hilton is like God for me, I would die without him. I love knowing what kind of gossip is floating around…true or not true. It’s fun and nothing more than that.

  3. I think celebrity gossip started out as a fun diversion for some people, years ago when gossip columns were buried in the back pages of newspapers and magazines. However, today, the media forces it upon us so often that many people have become brainwashed into believing its important. The media places the same importance on celebrity news as it does on actual news about world events, etc.

    Edit: The person above me is a perfect example of why celebrity news is harmful to society. For many it becomes an obsession and the ultimate result is a dumbed-down, uninformed population. Now you know why people barely know how their own government works, but can name every love interest for their favorite celeb.

  4. Because our society is corrupted and all people care about is people that make a lot of money for doing nothing.

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