Why do people buy celebrity gossip magazines?

Question by Erin: Why do people buy celebrity gossip magazines?
Why would anyone pay for something like that?

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Answer by Jazz!
they hv nothn else 2 do with their lives:)

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9 thoughts on “Why do people buy celebrity gossip magazines?”

  1. some people think that type of things are important, and that it’s supposedly thorough research. personally i hate the things, but some people just like to read them so they have something to talk about with their friends.

  2. Because it’s entertainment to some people. I don’t know why, I wouldn’t pay a dime to read about a bunch of celebs who have nothing to do with my life.

  3. For me:
    1. see pretty clothes
    2. see hot girls and boys
    3. laugh at most silly stories from editors who made up this crap
    4. cut of Megan’s body and put it on my wall to see that I’m gay for her.

  4. because its interesting and thats it. people want to be celebrities, and by reading gossip magazines they feel closer to the celebrity like they are a celebrity.

  5. these middle aged lonely women with no husbands get tired of there sixteen cats and there soap operas and they need somthing more exciting to talk about at there next weight watchers meeting or when they are talking to accountants on match.com… so they’ve become so pathetic they need to find gossip in stupid ways such as celebrity gossip magazeens… hope that helps

  6. Don’t know, they all have the same crap every issue.
    “Katie and Peter broke up!” (shocker…)
    “Katie and Peter miss each other.” – again, who gives a crap
    “Katie marries another bloke…” – oh dear.

    LOL waste of 1 quid if you ask me.

    Some buy them because they like to see the fashion bits, true stories (about the average folk too) and some are just plain nosy.

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