Why do millions of people enjoy following celebrity gossip?

Question by !~!~Edward~!~!: Why do millions of people enjoy following celebrity gossip?
US Magazine and E! TV make millions from regular people reading and watching celebrity gossip. Does anyone feel that they are wasting their time and money on such trivial things? We already give enough money to them by watching their movies and buying their cd’s, so why continue to give them more than they need?

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Answer by Lennox BE
Cuz people are bored with their own lives that they actually give a crap. I could honestly care less about what these people do.

If its about musicians on when their next album is dropping, new projects their working on etc… I like to read about that.

But stuff about actors, and TV stars, i dont care. All the news has nothing to do with their careers, and just stuff they buy, and wear, because they’re rich.

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  1. I could begin by arguing that merely popular untrained and mediocre minds, talents and songwriters, etc. do not deserve high salaries, or in many cases employment at all.

    But assuming the mistake of employing talentless second rate gyrating clowns and nymphettes is made, then we have to deal with your very good point: Who needs gossip about them in massive doses? So massive one must immediately
    suspect those who swallow it and lap it up of needing it as a “drug”–a reality-replacing worthless or dangerous something which they require in increasing amounts whenver they feel negative emotions. It is cheaper than crack, less likely to land on in jail the marijuana and no more damaging that alcohol.
    Why does anyone need a drug?
    1. They refuse to deal with the real.
    2. They refuse the responsibility of doing so.
    3. They need to substitute a quick jolt of that which gives them some sort of desired emotional boost–positive or negative–wherever they deal with a negative emotions.
    4. They need this “fix” immediately.
    5. They need increasing amounts of it, because their avoidance of context, responsibility for dealing with negatives etc. causes them to grow emotionally weaker and more vulnerable all the time.
    6. They need something attainable, inexpensive if possible
    and worthless to drag down the public idols to the level of categorically-flawed existence on which they live; to pretend that everyone is at core as weak and bad and frightened and irresponsible as they are.
    Gossip is not the term for attacks upon celebrities that are unremitting, smug, attack ads and pejoratives. The term is “slander”–whose purpose it is to push a philosophy of postmodernism–reality-ignoring, reality-trashing, irrationalism.
    So the man who appreciates a great artist for his/her superior qualities picks one who is an emotionally normative human being, and seeks out the person’s DVDs or records and attends a concert to ask for an autograph and thank him/her.
    So the man who follows a mediocre artist for his/her
    inferior popular qualities picks one who is an emotionally sub-normative human being, and seeks out the person’s
    DVDs or records and attends a concert to watch the artist be less than “perfect”. And he listens to gossip about him because it’s anti-responsibility, anti-realism, anti-individual rights philosophy being spewed out by moral brain-washers inculcating hatred of humanity, the world and greatness as a daily sewer of lies to poison the world’s
    supply for swallowing.
    Gossip is the pseudo-religion of the worldly as pseudo-religion is the philosophy of the anti-worldly.

  2. Probably the same reason you are asking this question…it is human nature to be curious. Just like you can’t tell me if someone famous that you liked for whatever reason, happened to kill over dead one day, wouldn’t you want to know why? It’s not justification, I just think that because celebs are thrown in our faces everyday then we get to know things about them that might make us “courious”. I don’t agree that they should totally flood the news 24 hours a day, but what choice to I have other than turning the channel?

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