Why do celebrity gossip fans fail as human beings?

Celebrity Gossip
by skampy

Question by Jayme Wight from Normandy Beach: Why do celebrity gossip fans fail as human beings?
If you like to follow the PERSONAL LIVES of people you’ll never meet, seek help.

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Answer by Nadia
i agree with you.

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6 thoughts on “Why do celebrity gossip fans fail as human beings?”

  1. do you think there might be a difference between the people who read all the celeb mags and follow every celebrity, compared with those who don’t do that but have a long-term interest in one particular celebrity?

  2. Yes, they care so deeply for trivial matters yet don’t care about the real world, case and point, the Michael Jackson death coverage, it took up the entire day when there was other news going on.

  3. I agree, can’t stand that Hilton guy, his name starts with a P, I don’t remember it though, I just remember asking a friend one day if he does these things because he’s related to Paris Hilton, lol, I don’t think he is

  4. I’m so happy you pointed this out.

    “Do you want to see the real world of male modeling? The side they don’t show you on MTV or the E! channel?”

    I apologize if I butchered that quote. It just fits too perfectly here.

  5. It’s another dysfunctional activity that some people relish. I wouldn’t like to judge and say that only persons without substance would engage in fan gossip. I would like to justify it, but I can’t. People seem to have an knack for following others’ trivia!

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