Why are celebrity gossip websites so popular?

Question by Sean: Why are celebrity gossip websites so popular?
I don’t understand why these types of websites are so popular, they don’t have any useful information on it. Like perez hilton blog…

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Answer by Chloe

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  1. its a good pass time and u noe wuts going on in other ppl’s lives too, not just ur own.

    haha and so ur not left behind in ppl’s convos, like i usually am.

  2. There are some nosey people who will believe anything a tabloid magazine or website says and think they are getting hot true news. (yeah right)

    Perez Hilton has no life and is a nosey jerk with a website & blog to get attention since he never got it before.

  3. Regular, everyday people desperately wish they were celebs with all their might. It makes them feel better about themselves because they feel “closer” to their current infatuation.
    For example, the Jonas Brothers. Every sane person knows they are nothing but silly teenyboppers that don’t understand music/have no talent/etc. However, they and their music are being marketed to young, idealistic tweens that desperate seek to be included because in their everyday lives (middle school, early high-school), these kids feel inadequate– they don’t measure up to what they feel they should be. So, in order to feel better about themselves, these young people, just learning about relationships and beginning to “date” (and feeling proud of themselves for reaching the “one-week mark”),, they are told that the celebs are great. So, since they want to be great, too, they feel the need to do what they do.

    That’s why celebrity endorsements work.

    Next example– Oprah. Everyone knows injecting hormones into your vagina is not a good idea at 63. Doctors publicly state it is NOT HEALTHY. Yet Oprah endorses it. And then other people do it.

    In short, people want to be those celebrities, but seeing as its not humanly possible, they settle for knowing everything about them.

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