Question by ****: Where can I get celebrity gossip for a blog?
I’m starting a teen celebrity gossip blog and I was wondering:

1. Where do I get celebrity gossip to put in it that is new?

2. When I get pictures from the internet, do I have to say where I got them? Like from sites like Just Jared, or other blogs.

3. How do I get people to notice my blog?


Best answer:

Answer by ClassyInCoach
1.You have to get celeb-watchers in NY or LA to work for you. Or, if you live there yourself, start always carrying a camera and paying attention to the people you pass on the street.

2. Yes, ALWAYS. You absolutely MUST give credit to sites that you take pictures from, and if they ask you to take them down, then you have to. They will ruin you if you don’t.

3. Have your friends read it and pass it along to their friends. Things spread quickly on the internet.

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