Question by Jayme Wight from Normandy Beach: What is worse: celebrity gossip or followers of it?
If you are into celebrity gossip, you are in need of a lobotomy. Can’t you see that following celebrity gossip causes you to lose brain cells? There is nothing entertaining about celebrity gossip, nor is there anything to feel good about. Is your entertainment level that low that you feel the need to follow the PERSONAL lives of needless celebrities? Followers of celebrity gossip are the reason popular entertainment sucks today and the reason other countries HATE us.

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Answer by Sonia M
This is so true. The people who publish or commentate on celebrities are just doing their job as a profession whether it be a reporter, a journalist, a photographer or a person doing a ‘simple’ interview with a celebrity, but all this is not necessarily true information, stories, videos and photos are and can be made up to catch the public eye even if the information is completely false people will buy it. So I think it’s the followers that are worse because they sometimes seem to believe anything and everything.

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