What is it that makes celebrity gossip so alluring?

Question by your_dear_old_mother: What is it that makes celebrity gossip so alluring?
Why do I care about people I don’t even know? Sometimes I think I know celebrities better than people I see on a day to day basis. Sad, I know.

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Answer by emjay
because work is soo boring that we need something for entertainment.

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10 thoughts on “What is it that makes celebrity gossip so alluring?”

  1. i dunno. it’s probably because people like to know what it’s like to be rich and famous. not only that but those who are jealous might like to ruin their lives.

  2. I think its cause these people with all this money have the same problems as the rest of us. Just that our laundry is not plastered all over the tabloids…lol Thank God !!
    We all believe that fame and money would make us happy..but wow there are some messed us celebrities ….And I too have to see what they are up to this week…lol

  3. Celebrity gossip is attractive because it is deliberately designed that way. The government and the corporations WANT you to think about entirely unimportant things like celebrities, so that you won’t think about the important things and they can remove all your freedoms and brainwash you into a mindless, gossip-fed zombie. The more you know about celebrities, the less you know about things that are useful, things that can help keep human civilization from turning into George Orwell’s 1984 (which is of course what the government wants).

  4. Celebrity gossip is alluring for the same reason that any gossip is alluring. Not that I condone it but we must admit it is human nature to gossip. The difference with celebrity gossip is that it’s so easy to find. You don’t even need to be friends with an “insider”, simply turn on your television or internet. Also, many celebrities are idolized and regular people feel the need to fantasize about what life would be like as a celebrity, and have a need to feel connected emotionally to the lives of celebrities.

  5. What I think makes it so alluring is that you see these people on TV, in the movies, whatever, that makes them celebrities, and some people can’t help but want to know what goes on in the everyday life of celebrities, and because of the stupid paparazzi, (I hope I spelled that right)..won’t leave the celebrities alone and decide to be JOURNALISTS and focus on other things that are important in the world..well, those are my thoughts and opinions..take care and PEACE to you and yours…;0)

  6. We all think we know the celebrities we watch better then the people we see everyday, but it isn’t true. All celbrities are are people who are on the television or movie screen. They have normal lives like the rest of us and personally I wouldn’t want any of my dirty laundry spread across the front page of a magazine.

    Next time you read that juicy story about your favorite celeb think how you would feel if you were in their place and either put it down or realize that someone could be making it sound more appealing then it really is.

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