Question by Kelly: Way too much Celebrity Gossip this week!?
WOW-at first I thought it was just gonna be the whole Tom & Katie wedding, which was beautiful by the way, they’re sooooooo cute together & I wish them the very very very very very very best. But then, there was like all this stuff about the guy who played Kramer from Seinfeld and like how he said all this racist stuff at a comedy club! AND THEN there’s like all this stuff about Kelly Rippa and Clay Aiken on her show, when he like totally was disrespectful towards her by covering her mouth during an interview. I couldn’t believe he did that. I was like omg! I didn’t see it live, but like I watched it on Entertainment Tonight (ET). I love that show cuz it has sooooo much celebrity gossip. And Mary Hart is so cool looking for her age. She’s awesome. Yeah, so like what’s with all this news this week? I can’t wait to watch all the shows this week like ET, Access Hollywood, Extra, The Insider, and all the late-night talkshows cause they’ll make fun of it, and yeah. So what do u think??

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Answer by Zeta
Tom and Katie look cute together, hope it’s Tom’s last wedding! Well the fact is that celebrity gossip will never end. It just gets more and more, whether we like it or not, we tend to watch or listen to it. Don’t we?

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