A few nice Vince Vaughn images I found:

Traffic Jam
Vince Vaughn
Image by ©sammie
Trip home from school. Today was a much sunnier day.

We played dodgeball in school today and basically took the rules from the film with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. I’d have loved to play basketball instead, but dodgeball was fun.

I’ve decided to start a new little series: "Mobile Life". I figured I needed a way of classifying my iPod shots, and I’m using this as a way of approaching a new style of photography for me. I want my work to be more biographical/documental…

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PONG – The movie
Vince Vaughn
Image by SteveO526

When news of a video game tournament of epic proportions surfaces, four every day people in desperate need of money, Bruce Conello (Ben Stiller), Jackson Pride (Owen Wilson), Juno Gwendiverre (Milla Jovovich) and Peter Zaulowski (Vince Vaughn) enter the one and only Atari Pong tournament in hopes of claiming the cash prize as their own. However, as the virtual battle of the century ensues, the friendship between them may be at stake, leaving them with a difficult decision to make a life-changing sacrifice.

This is a movie poster I did for the Atari game, "PONG." A perfect example of what would happen should Hollywood suddenly run out of movie ideas.

Vince Vaughn Shankbone 2010 NYC
Vince Vaughn
Image by david_shankbone
Shanbone post – Juliette Lewis, Alexander Skarsgård, Vince Vaughn and Genevieve Jones at Tribeca

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