A few nice Eva Green picture images I found:

The Indians
Eva Green picture
Image by Nia [So let’s go!]
After the last exam of 10th grade, my friends and I dressed up as indians and hit the town (it would’ve been funny to actually hit everybody in town, but that isn’t what I mean. I mean we went to town).
When I got on the bus (my friends had bikes but mine had to be repaired), the bus driver said: ‘Hello, squaw.’…

Incidentally, squaw was one of the two words that ensured my victory in a Scrabble game between me and my boyfriend (before he was my boyfriend). The other word was ‘zeekoeien’ (sea cows)…
With both words I had triple word squares. Man, I love Scrabble.
I’m a very good loser, but such an arrogant winner…

Sorry I had to screw around with the picture a bit. Some French guy took this (my school French is rather good, but actually speaking French to the French-speaking… Whose fault is it? Mine, society’s, the teachers’, the school’s, the ministry’s, the class’? I vote society and ministry, everybody’s got something against those two in one way or another) and the photograph was rather dark… You could just make out the backpacks…

Hahaha, I just discovered that the picture next to this one in the folder on my computer is a picture of me, wearing my banana pyjamas, sunglasses, hands into my sides, right in front of the door of my room, so you can see the nicest part of my room…
I can’t remember who took it, but that picture is hilarious!

Indianen zijn KWEETNIEOEcool en cowboys zijn jeanetten!
Behalve echte cowboys…

Eva Green picture
Image by rockyradio
this picture was taken when we’d first moved to the country
we were city slickers renting a farm house
it was so great
sometimes I felt like Lisa Douglas (Eva Gabor) on Green Acres
especially when the farmer’s little kid came over, who was so sweet, but reeked of sheepdip after he’d fed and tended to his 4H animals