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We rarely see Lady Gaga dressed in a normal suit. But this black and white outfit looks really good on her.

Rihanna in Barbados:

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Why Rihanna had a strict dress code at the begining of her career?

Rihanna explained in her own word why she looked so serious when she started to sing.

Being a role model for young girls, she tried to look serious. But that wasn’t her style and meanwhile became sassy. Let’s see her explanation about her style.

“In the beginning of my career, it was really strict for me. I couldn’t wear pink or red lipstick; it was just bizarre. We had a young fan base, and they were trying to keep me fresh. But I just really wanted to be myself. I wanted to be sassy, the attitude, all these things that I am.”

Here you can see an image with the strict Rihanna:

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Pictures with Rihanna during her L.A. concert

On Tuesday Rihanna had very provocative outfits during her concert on Staples Center, in Los Angeles.

Take a look with the red-hair Rihanna singing and dancing for her happy fans: 

Sexy Rihanna in a multi colored bikini

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