Dr. Dre Funny Picture

According to humor-blog.com, Dr. Dre published this photo on Twitter.

Dr Dre

Funny Dr. Dre picture, don’t you think?

Beyonce performs in short pants at the Glastonbury Music Festival

In front of her own husband, the rapper Jay-Z, Beyonce performed in very short shorts at the Glastonbury Music Festival. The show took place on June, 26 in England and it was a complete success for the american diva. More than 170,000 fans attended the event. One of them was Gwyneth Paltrow.

Here is a photo from the concert:

Source: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/slideshow/beyonce-glastonbury-short-shorts-obsession-5205720

Beyonce will also be present on Friday when she will perform for Good Morning America’s Summer Concerts.

Here you can watch a short video with the singer.

I spent a week in Cannes and all I got is this stupid photo

A few nice George Clooney images I found:

I spent a week in Cannes and all I got is this stupid photo
George Clooney
Image by serenity_now

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George Clooney
Image by RightAsRain
who is that blockhead? rezzable.com/foolish-sings-avatar