Nice George Clooney photos

Some cool George Clooney images:

George Clooney (Up in the Air)
George Clooney
Image by Lessio
(Rome Film Festival 2009)

George Clooney might be in this van.
George Clooney
Image by d0ug&r0byn

george clooney stood here: caesar’s casino
George Clooney
Image by Globetoppers
and Brad…

Nice Clint Eastwood photos

A few nice Clint Eastwood images I found:

Clint Eastwood
Image by rwpeary

Clint Eastwood
Image by rwpeary

Nice Jennifer Lopez photos

Some cool Jennifer Lopez pictures:

Get right…
Jennifer Lopez
Image by occhi da orientale
…before the night’s up!


Jennifer Lopez
Image by Lucia..

How I will forever remember my birthday this year
Jennifer Lopez
Image by somethingstartedcrazy
and YES, anastacia, JLo, Britney, and Rupaul’s body came to my celebration! edited by carlosss! amazing!