Celebrity Gossip?

Question by ♫ You’re an Orange ♫: Celebrity Gossip?
Anyboy know any celebrity gossip, I am writing a story tht involves celebrity gossip. I will share my story when its finished!!!!

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Answer by Mirina

For ALL the celebritiy gosssip

Noone on here will know even half as much as he does

Hope i helped

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Q&A: celebrity gossip?

Question by kcr526: celebrity gossip?
hey guys, i have a friend who is in the navy and he’s out to sea right now for a 6 months. he’s in need of some celebrity gossip, but i cant find a newsletter that i can just put his email on. does anyone know of one? it would be a great help!!!

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Answer by crystal w

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Fun with Oscar party food and Oscar nominees

The Oscar Awards is the biggest event in the movie industry. This is where the greats in the movie industry are awarded for their talent and achievements. Every year this event takes place in different parts of the world. Also different people are awarded for their different roles in the movie scene and therefore making it a huge success.

Oscar statue

Before the actual awards take place there is always a gathering that takes place. This is a gathering for people who love movies. People gather and have good food as they savor fantastic movies. These gatherings take place in many places in the world. These are people who love movies and even though they don’t have a big role in the movie industry, this is where they get to meet and air their views concerning the nominees and the movie. Continue reading Fun with Oscar party food and Oscar nominees