Should we stop following celebrity gossip?

Celebrity Gossip
by AviviJ

Question by Yahoo! answers CEO: Should we stop following celebrity gossip?
Although details about other people’s lives is intriguing, I feel stupid at times for being nearly obsessed with celebrity gossip. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine. I feel it’s wrong and sad for the whole world to constantly be updated by television shows and even national news on what celebrities are doing. Petty things like wardrobe malfunction or eating at a fast food store is not really surprising, yet I still care. Everyday when I come home from school, I go to my favorite celebrity gossip website ( and it’s like the highlight of my day. Anyway, I’m asking the yahoo! answers community, should we (or I) stop following celebrity gossip? Yes? No? Why?

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Answer by Wis*dumb or BUST! aka Ravencalls
My suggestion is a very LOUD .YES!!

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3 thoughts on “Should we stop following celebrity gossip?”

  1. Wow.
    Well i’m not obsessed, nor do i really care what the celebs are doing.
    Yes, people should stop paying so much attention to it. It doesn’t even matter; it’s not pertinent to your own life whatsoever. Give the celebrities some privacy, i think they’d like that.

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