Should celebrity gossip be outlawed? Rachel Ray has four young women pledging not to gossip for seven days.?

Celebrity Gossip
by AviviJ

Question by Celebrity Sleuth: Should celebrity gossip be outlawed? Rachel Ray has four young women pledging not to gossip for seven days.?
The web site for Rachel Ray’s talk show ( says: “Could you go a week without gossiping? See what happens when four girls agree to stop gossiping for seven days.” That’s well and good. But on her show, the focus was largely celebrity gossip. Do fans have a right to chat up their favorite star? What’s off limits? What goes too far? Your opinions welcomed.

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Answer by **beep**
well we got nothing better to do
haha jk
i think it should have a limit to it

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11 thoughts on “Should celebrity gossip be outlawed? Rachel Ray has four young women pledging not to gossip for seven days.?”

  1. I say leave all celebs alone, I for one could care less what they do… they are just people nothing special, they happen to be a “star” big deal……

  2. It should be because the only reason people actually care about it is because the gossip mags, tabloids and TV programs make such a fuss over it and make it look like important news with Ihe use of big headlines I mean I don’t care what these people get up to cos I’ve my own life to get on with and the only reason I buy tabloids is that they are just the right size to line my cat’s litter tray.

  3. Stop talking, start doing. People waste so much time talking about celebrities and their messed up lives… who cares? Does it really make you feel that much better about yourself? I don’t know, maybe I don’t get it.

  4. Celebs choose to be in the spotlight. People should talk about them and their mmistakes. Sometimes it just prods them on, Britney

  5. I don’t have a problem with gossip unless it’s deliberately hurtful to another person, or knowingly spreading false information.

  6. I still wonder why so many people are so interested in lives of celebrities. I have no problem not talking about them at all. I could care less who married who, divorced whom, screwed around on whom. Their lives are no more interesting to me than your own or mine. I think celebrity gossipers are liveless people who have to resort to yapping about someone they will never meet as a real person.

  7. No but there should be some guidelines on the paparazzi because they can really be a nuisance and if I were a celeb like Britany I would have a nervous breakdown due to them

  8. What has gone too far?? In my opinion……Britney Spears. We all are just sitting by and watching this poor girl self destruct. The media has pursued her relentlessly. Why? Because people want to see it. People will pay for it. It makes me wonder what kind of a society we have become? Does this poor girl have to end up like Heath Ledger before we’re all satisfied?

  9. Ok, so those four women say they won’t gossip about celebrities. Good for them…but since nature abhors a vaccum, I wonder whether they will end up gossiping about the people they KNOW personally instead…like family, neighbors, friends or co-workers…and wreak even more havoc? If you ask me, one is bad enough but that’s a whole lot worse! People really shouldn’t be gossiping about anyone…famous or otherwise…but alas, you can’t stop them or outlaw it 🙁

    As for things that are off limits or go too far where celebrities are concerned?

    Now, you would think that any true fan would want to show respect their favorite star, but why does it seem like so many act otherwise and cause offense? I wonder how they’d feel if the shoe were on the other foot?

    In my personal experience from working in various aspects of the entertainment industry and media, I found that it’s really best to treat the celebrities like a normal person. In other words, don’t act obviously starstruck and foolish (especially if over the age of 18…and it’s doubly pathetic if you are over 40).

    Off limits and annoying? Well, if you are in a work situation (hotel worker, waiter, receptionist, sales clerk etc) and you happen to have a star or other notable person in your presence and that worker is getting all star struck. I don’t care how excited you are, and if you do miss the opportunity for an autograph or a picture with your “fave.” You are on the job and getting PAID to do that job…it’s never appropriate to go into “hyper-fan” mode. You are expected to BE A PROFESSIONAL AT ALL TIMES! Most stars don’t like it when employees act like fools when they’re supposed to be working. Neither do other people who are watching the scenario and getting inconvenienced. I learned this the hard way when made that mistake back in my 20s with the late Lionel Hampton. I worked as a production assistant and receptionist for a small market TV station. He came to the station to do an interview, and I was the one on duty at the front desk. Of course, I was excited that a jazz legend was in my presence. I remember that I hugged him, acted all gushy, and asked for an autograph. He said no, but he did give me a copy of his latest CD. Later on, after he left, the news director called me in his office and told me the star complained about my unprofessionalism. It really hurt my feelings. No, I didn’t get in trouble, but it was definitely a lesson learned…and I never did it again.

    What else is going too far where fans/celebrities are concerned?

    Doing things like that fool caught on tape by TMZ who was shouting at the various stars and singing their own songs at them. Acting like a papparazzi wannabee and capturing them on your cell phone cameras when the star is having a private moment with family and personal friends, and then uploading it to youtube or some gossip site. Talk about invading someone’s privacy! How would you feel if someone did that to YOU?

    Also pulling the following outlandish and crazy stunts. You won’t believe that people who call themselves fans actually do this stuff, but it’s true…

    Trying to chat up stars in public restrooms. Asking the star out on dates or just outright propositioning them or even grabbing their private parts like in the case of that fan in Louisiana who grabbed Tim McGraw’s package in front of his wife, Faith Hill.

    Other breaches of celebrity/fan etiquette?

    When you meet the star on the street, restaurant, bar, nightclub, grocery store or other public place, shouting at them or calling them by their TV name. Hint: Kelsey Grammer’s name is Kelsey or Mr. Grammer…NOT “Frasier!”
    If the star speaks to you, monopolizing their time by telling them all of your sob stories or being rude at M&Gs by openly criticizing them, their roles and their business decisions! Also, taking an ENTIRE collection of memorabilia to that M&G for autographs and then putting the stuff up for sale on eBay. Sooo tacky. Also, asking the star for money or demanding a job or insisting that they accept your gift, your screenplay or your demo CD.

    Other offenses? Engaging in unwanted or univited correspondence with them. Examples? Calling their home phone number, sending flowers or mailing stuff to their home address, or sending them personal email if you are not authorized to have the address or phone number, but yet still somehow managed to access it…and even if you do get it legitimately, abusing it by posting such confidential information online.

    Other stupid no-nos? Asking the stars to perform at your wedding or asking and expecting them to visit your sick or dying relatives in hospital….especially if you don’t already have an established friendship with the celebrity! Can you believe some people actually have the nerve to do those things?

    and the absolutely worst (and of course illegal) offense? Stalking them or one of their family members!

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