Q&A: Why do people like celebrity gossip?

Question by Marty Sherman: Why do people like celebrity gossip?

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Answer by Charlotte
They don’t have a life, so they’re living vicariously.

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6 thoughts on “Q&A: Why do people like celebrity gossip?”

  1. They have nothing else to do other then follow gossip (and most people find it interesting and then they cannot stop looking up gossip).

  2. It makes them feel like they know the celebs, and that they are part of their lives also by knowing what they’ve got up to.
    Personally i don’t follow the celebs, i have my own life to live without worrying about people that have far to much money for what their worth.

  3. Either they need something to talk about other than their pathetic lives, or they just get pleasure watching other people throw away their lives. Personally, I think that celebrity gossip is a way that people can ignore their lives and focus on others. (AKA procrastinate….)

  4. i guess they like to know what’s going on in other
    people’s lives. there’s people who like to get into
    other people’s business and since there’s these
    celebs whose whole lives are open to them then
    i guess they like to talk about it.

    i read the magazines, but i never believe them unless
    it’s like a quote coming directly from the celeb.

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