Q&A: What is your favorite celebrity/gossip magazine?

Question by djorlcc: What is your favorite celebrity/gossip magazine?
I’m thinking of putting in a subscription for a gossip magazine since I’ve always been fascinated with celebrities. However, I don’t know what magazine(s) I should pick, and which one would give me the best deal. Help! 🙁

Ex- Star, In Touch, US Weekly, People, OK!

(PS- I’m not really looking for beauty tricks, interviews, and stuff like that. Mainly just gossip-y stuff)

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10 thoughts on “Q&A: What is your favorite celebrity/gossip magazine?”

  1. Um, anything that’s cheap and good. I read US Weekly, In Touch, OK!, and something else, but I don’t remember. US Weekly is good though.

  2. I like Us Weekly, People and OK! magazine{ but sometimes OK! gets their facts wrong, like with the lies about the J.Lo/ Mark split}
    Hope you like these magazines!

  3. every Friday i always pick up in touch, OK,us weekly. i am addict to gossip.celebrities are so crazy but i love it.

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