Q&A: What is up with B list celebrity gossip?

Question by Peter D: What is up with B list celebrity gossip?
I am constantly seeing how slutty, badly dressed, drunk, or doped up certain B list “celebrities” are and I don’t know who the hell they are.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: What is up with B list celebrity gossip?”

  1. Shut up. It’s people like you who piss me off. A celebrity isn’t special. Sure they’ve got a nice talent, but what about people who honestly deserve the credit? Maybe some older 65 year old man can make very beautiful statues? Or some thing else along those lines. Those movie stars and singers, they’re so..fake usually. They star in a movie get paid tons, thousands of dollars, get(not completely undeserving but usually undeserving) credit. It does not make me jealous, or a hater. It makes me human, and it makes me completely disgusted by the way our world is.

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