Question by iloveshopping: Is it bad that I look at celebrity fashion and gossip as a hobby?
I’m a 22 year old female, and I’ve been really into celebrity gossip and celebrity fashion for the past 3 years. Well I started out with celebrity gossip which led me to love looking at celebrity fashion trends. Is it ridiculous that I enjoy that stuff? I read websites like for my celebrity gossip. I used to read Perez Hilton but what he writes on his site can be really annoying. I also go on websites like and I literally go on these websites once a day and sometimes when I’m just on the computer.

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Answer by Lady Rae
No way Im a little older than you and a mom and I still love that stuff lol. It annoys my boyfriend who is 12yrs older than me lol But aye..its just like a fantasy. I watch this show called Gossip Girl And even follow the fashion! My honey says its just me being a girlie girl. Which I have no problem with!

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