Q&A: If you obsess over celebrity gossip, can u tell me why?

Question by Cale: If you obsess over celebrity gossip, can u tell me why?
I’m pretty sick of seeing al those celebrity magazines at the counters in stores. They’re totally pointless – just a waste of trees. who cares what goes on in a celebrity’s life? They dont care about us, why should we care about them?
If you do obsess over celebrities, can you tell me why, because I don’t get why.
i like all ur answers so i don’t feel like ppicking a best one…vote among it
ur selves

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Answer by koolkatk10
I only obsess over the celebrities I hate.Example: Kristen Stewart

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7 thoughts on “Q&A: If you obsess over celebrity gossip, can u tell me why?”

  1. I’m a gossip junkie, but I read TMZ everyday and pick up a tabloid to read at the supermarket every now and again. The stories can be intriguing.

  2. hahha I definetly dont obsess over it but something about it makes me want to read more and more

  3. I do not obsess over celebrity’s lives but I do like to read the magazines about them. Yes they are pointless but it makes for me anyways that these celebtrities are just like us. They have there bad hair days, they go shopping, all in all it just makes them seem less attractive to me. I also think most people obsess over them because they want to be them. they like to read these magazines and internet sites because they fantasize being with them or just being them.

  4. I feel the same way. Why the fuck to people care about what happens to the celebs? The celebs have their own lives, so why can’t the gossipers get their own life?

  5. Lol, I’m not obsessed with celebrity gossip at all. I like reading magazines though and the problem is, the magazine are filled with the lives of celebrities. I sometimes get interested in the celebrities lives of those that I like and read about them if I have nothing to do (:

    But I agree with you. It’s quite silly being obsessed with celebrities, when our lives are never going to like theirs. We should lead and live our own lives. Oh yeah, I know I might have a Celebrities TC badge, but I’m not obsessed, I like this section.

  6. Sometimes when people like/love/hate something or someone so much that they want to know everything about them.

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