Q&A: If you knew celebrity gossip, that was really on the low, would you tell?

Question by Yisrael Chai: If you knew celebrity gossip, that was really on the low, would you tell?
If you knew the details of celebrities, would you tell? I work in finance and would never but my coworker always dishes about what clients come our office. Because of being their advisors they tell us everything. It is against our company policy and I sat her down about this before. I am not asking what you think I should do about her, she has been repremanded. I want to know if you would dish.

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Answer by ksgirl
Depending on who I was talking to… if it was a co-worker that had my same position then maybe, but to someone outside of the company definitely not.

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  1. I think it would depend on what kind of gossip it was. If it was something I wouldn’t want people to know about me, I wouldn’t spread it. But if it was something innane, like having a naughty body piercing or something like that, it would be ok.

  2. It really depends who you’re talkin about cuz some people can kick your butt, but some would just admit it….XD

  3. well i now some gossip about beyonce rihanna and Jay. rihanna is stealing beyonce’s style,look and sound.

  4. Well, one dish I have is that I used to play basketball with that actor from Sideways, Thomas Haden Church. He looked like a giant on “Wings” but is actually pretty short. He wears these gay ass spandex pants and sucks at basketball. He cusses like a sailor too. He was driving a Porsche 911 Cabriolet, but this was before all his recent success.

    I also saw Carl Lewis, winner of 9 gold medals, filming a movie at a park I frequent. He dribbles like a girl. LOL.

    Also saw Martina Navratilova with her lesbian friends playing basketball in West Hollywood. LOL.

    Also saw Jay Leno driving in this old convertible on the freeway in Burbank. He was waving to everyone who was honking at him. What a douchebag. LOL.

    I also had a coworker who told me that she saw Alec Baldwin verbally abusing Kim Basinger at a restaurant. Lo and behold, she files for divorce from Alec not too long after.

    There’s more dirt but everyone’s probably bored.

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