Q&A: How many of you are addicted to celebrity gossip magazines?

Question by itanu47: How many of you are addicted to celebrity gossip magazines?
Which celebrity gossip magazines do you like best (In touch, People, Us, Ok, etc.)? Why do you read them (bored, fashion tips, stories)? How much do you spend on these magazines weekly?

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Answer by Christopher O
I love US Weekly. They seem a bit more credible than OK! as far as I’m concerned!

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  1. I used to buy NOW magazine every week but I stopped a couple of years ago as I realized that I was only buying it out of habit!

  2. Not really addicted but I admit, I do like to read them! I usually read People magazine. I never buy them once a week. More like every few weeks just to see who had a baby and who has a baby bump.

  3. I have always been fascinated with celebs since I was a little girl because my mom always watched ET and Inside Edition and shows like that.Then when I was old enough to read I would flip thrue her magazines.People,Star,In Touch,US weekly,Now,OK.These are magazines I buy every week.Reading these mags gives me time to relax and focus on the lives of the stars for a few hours instead of my own.They help ease my anxiety.

  4. Well im Not Addicted But i Like Reading Magazine Gossips ..
    i Like A lot of Magazines : People And Vogue and Elle …
    I Read Them Because i Like Fashion …..Lol Fashion 411 Love it
    Thanks for Asking
    Nice Question 🙂

  5. I love Star, In touch, and people! I buy three celebrity gossip magazines each week..yes I can say that I’m addicted to it!

  6. Its kind of amusing how the same magazines decide to target the same exact celebrities. Even though STAR and the Enquirer look slick like People now, not much in either magazine is totally accurate. The now defunct “Celebrity Justice” show’s website has morphed into tmz.com, which is really becoming the real source for celebrity information. While I could care less reading about the stars, I do like to read on occasion the legal documents that you can access from the site.

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