Q&A: Good Celebrity Gossip Website?

Question by Attention Seeker: Good Celebrity Gossip Website?
What is a good celebrity Gossip website other than perezhilton.com ?

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Answer by julez
tmz.com and x17online.com

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13 thoughts on “Q&A: Good Celebrity Gossip Website?”

  1. TMZ.com is a very popular celebrity gossip website. They have a large staff updating every minute. It’s great for anyone who enjoys reading about the latest on celebrities. 🙂

  2. TMZ is good, and has the most news, but they’re very shady and do some things I dont agree with, liking posting the video of Heath Ledgers body being wheeled out, or the Donda West 911 call.

    Dlisted is by far the funniest celebrity snark blog on the web, and the coverage is pretty thorough. I Dont Like You In That Way is also hilarious. Both can be found by typing in the blog name followed by dot com!

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