Q&A: Do you follow celebrity gossip?

Question by EggsarefromChicken: Do you follow celebrity gossip?
There are lot of celebrity gossip out there. I am talking about the ones on Radio. It really irritate the hell out of me. I am just wondering, is there anybody following these news.

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Answer by poodle.doody
Sometimes…..I’m not ashamed ot admit it! But only if it’s people I like or people I’m interested in. I was following the Sandra Bullock thing.

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9 thoughts on “Q&A: Do you follow celebrity gossip?”

  1. I try not to.

    It doesn’t do me any good, and doesn’t help me get somewhere in life.
    Useless annoying information, really.

    I walked my dog. Who cares if Brad Pitt did also?

  2. Usually the ones on the radio and tv piss me off, I don’t even know who some of those people are. I do like to follow certain aspects of my favorite celebrities, I like to know what kind of work they are doing and up coming movies, etc, but as for where they ate lunch and who they ate it with doesn’t do a thing for me.

  3. no i actaully have a life and dont go around beeing nosy about others pplz life
    ↓↓plz answers mine↓↓↓

  4. No. But sometimes you can’t change the channel or radio without seeing/hearing about some “celebrity”

    It’s annoying.

  5. i am proud to say, i never bought or read a tabloid in my life, and i cant stand shows like TMZ or ET or access hollywood. its just so boring, i dont care about celebrities personal lives, they are entitled to some kind of privacy. besides most of the stuff is untrue anyways

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