Question by questionthenymph: Celebrity gossip, is it wrong? What does Britney think?
I have been feeling guilty lately for my obsession with celebrity gossip. I know I wouldn’t want to be followed around 24/7 having pictures snapped of me. How can I support an industry that does that? Also, I can’t help feeling like all the attention on Britney Spears and Heath Ledger contributed to their serious problems. Is anyone else out there feeling the same? Any other random thoughts?

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Answer by boyinthebiz
There are plenty of celebrities out there..unlike Britney Spears who don’t have the photogs out 42/7 after them…and they are way bigger stars! She obviously wants the media attention and purposefully hangs out in places where she knows she’ll be seen. As for Heath, I think he had other issues than the celebrity gossip. He was a great actor and before his death, you really didn’t see him that much in the spotlight…I really think the celebs can choose to be seen or not seen.

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