Q&A: Celebrity gossip, is it wrong? What does Britney think?

Question by questionthenymph: Celebrity gossip, is it wrong? What does Britney think?
I have been feeling guilty lately for my obsession with celebrity gossip. I know I wouldn’t want to be followed around 24/7 having pictures snapped of me. How can I support an industry that does that? Also, I can’t help feeling like all the attention on Britney Spears and Heath Ledger contributed to their serious problems. Is anyone else out there feeling the same? Any other random thoughts?

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Answer by boyinthebiz
There are plenty of celebrities out there..unlike Britney Spears who don’t have the photogs out 42/7 after them…and they are way bigger stars! She obviously wants the media attention and purposefully hangs out in places where she knows she’ll be seen. As for Heath, I think he had other issues than the celebrity gossip. He was a great actor and before his death, you really didn’t see him that much in the spotlight…I really think the celebs can choose to be seen or not seen.

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  1. I think that we have enough problems in our own lives I mean who cares what celebs do. Britney is only still in the limelight for her weirdness. What has she really done in the past 4 mnths, drugs? booze? child neglection. Yeah cause that makes her really popoular.

    I would rather hear of celebs doing good things. Helping the community, giving money to charity, building an orphanage. Celebrities should be the one’s you look up to. Britney and her sister, the Olsen twins, and Amy Winhouse ( a few of the many) are not setting a very good example for America’s youth.

  2. i think celebrity gossip is inevitable because, well, they’re celebrities. they are famous and followed by paparazzi all the time. their lives are in the spotlight. most celebrities don’t enjoy this much attention, but they can’t do anything about it. they’re going to be talked about until they lose their fame. things that would normally be really rude and impersonal to talk about, like cheating spouses and drug use, are fair game for magazines and paparazzi. it’s pretty sick, if you think about it. we’re all tearing apart a certain group of people even though people around us are experiencing the same thing.

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