A few nice David Beckham images I found:

David Beckham
Image by JeremyRyan
Victoria Beckham at the David Beckham Press conference

david beckham of AC Milan
David Beckham
Image by famouspower
an exhibition game featuring ac milan and al saad was held at al saad stadium to bid farewell to a wonderful professional career of jafal rashed. ac milan won 2-1

My big fat face – 65% Kesey, 46% Hoffman.
David Beckham
Image by Drunken Monkey
Just been exploring this website, which compares your face to the faces of celebrities.
According to the web site my face is…

Top row, left to right:
My face – taken off guard at our works fancy dress do this year.
Ken Kesey – (65% similar)
Nigel Short – (65% similar)
Peter Jackson – (60% similar)

Middle row:
Diana Ross – (50% similar)
William Shatner – (47% similar)
David Beckham – (47% similar)
Neil Armstrong – (47% similar)

Bottom row:
Truman Capote – (47% similar)
Kevin Costner – (46% similar)
Dustin Hoffman – (46% similar)
My face again – (100% similar)

I can understand David Beckham and Kevin Costner but Diana Ross?
It could be worse. My girlfriend got Walter Mondale, Rupert Murdoch and Theodor Herzi.