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George Clooney
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La cosa più bella di andare a fare una gita con un circolo fotografico per fare delle fotografie è fare fotografie ai fotografi del circolo fotografico. [foto pubblicata senza consenso dei soggetti ripresi]

George At Attention for Socks Army JROTC!
George Clooney
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The L.H.E.S and George Clooney strike again!
George Clooney
Image by phill.d
We found the store room were the letters were kept to display which films were been shown. We were pleased to find the initials for the Leeds Historical Expedition Society to proudly display.

The ABC Regal cinema, also known as the Cannon, which was closed in 1997. It opened in 1936, and was designed by ABC staff architect William R Glen III – it was one of his first designs.

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