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008: Respect
Penelope Cruz
Image by rayybear
Not much I can say tonight… I watched the movie “Nine”, directed by Rob Marshall, and staring Daniel Day Lewis, along with Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz. All I can say is this: I’m sorry. I’m sorry to all the men and women I have ever played love games with. The anxiousness to fix everything, the feeling that Guido was experiencing, I can relate to. I know I’ve hurt many hearts, but all I can do now is leave. I’m like a doctor who purposely lost his stethoscope; I’m in no position to hear your broken heart.

Telluride Film Festival Panel Discussion
Penelope Cruz
Image by yvynyl
Forrest Whitaker, Penelope Cruz, Laura Linney and others discussing acting at a panel discussion at the Telluride Film Festival

Crowds and bear
Penelope Cruz
Image by bigarnex
Now, this is what some real crowd is about. They are waiting for Ben Kingsley and Latina sensation Penelope Cruz. I got no tix for this movie, and had to hurry off for another film, so I did not get to see them.

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