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Day 146: Franklyn
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Image by crimsong19
Alright movie. Interesting take on fantasy/noir. Okay cast. Didn’t really connect with any of the characters, though. I’d give it 3 out of 5.

“I Love My Hat”… PAD #1021
Eva Green photo
Image by BenSpark
Took Eva out to CVS and Babies R Us tonight. I love this hat on her, it is so huge. Also She was so happy today too. More at The BenSpark

Check out the video too. My apologies to Andy Caster. I wanted to play with the great features of the new Utterz uploader.

Audio, Video, and more at

Spring checkerboard
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Image by mag3737
Postings to the Themed Alphabets group during the "Spring checkerboard" theme.

a. mag3737, b. Eva the Weaver, c. Monceau, d. Timothy Valentine, e. Monceau, f. cutesmallfuzzy, g. urbanmkr, h. Monceau, i. mag3737, j. Eva the Weaver, k. TooFarNorth, l. mag3737, m. cutesmallfuzzy, n. mag3737, o. urbanmkr, p. cutesmallfuzzy, q. Monceau, r. TooFarNorth, s. urbanmkr, t. Eva the Weaver , u. duncan, v. mag3737, w. urbanmkr, x. cutesmallfuzzy, y. mag3737,
z. Monceau

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