A few nice Clint Eastwood images I found:

Clint Eastwood in the “Good, the Bad and the Ugly”
Clint Eastwood
Image by aaipodpics
Still not finished with the same TV guide and its Western special. The Man With No Name is probably what Clint Eastwood is best remembered for, although Dirty Harry isn’t bad either, in an American way.

I tried the bounding box method on him. This medium shot was 4 heads high and 2 head heights wide.

Notice that he stands on his right leg (on our left), so (seen from his perspective) the left side has a more pronounce kink than the more gentler sloped right side of his upper body. This is because his left foot needs to be under his body to support it, so the hip has to move to his left, causing the sharp curve between the chest and hip area.

Of course, he needs to go even further to his left, so the poncho doesn’t cover his side arm, to show he is armed and not to be messed with.

If Clint Eastwood was Han Solo
Clint Eastwood
Image by The mofoJT
"If you freeze a man in carbonite, make sure he stays that way…"

My take on "when you hang a man make sure he’s dead" from a Clint movie.

Just kind of a random shot from earlier this week. It did give be another idea for a shot with these two though. 🙂

Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood
Image by filmhirek
Clint Eastwood kézlenyomata a Leicester Square-en

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