Nice Brad Pitt photos

A few nice Brad Pitt images I found:

Grandpa Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt
Image by jurvetson

Pitt fans
Brad Pitt
Image by wvs
Fans hunting for Brad Pitt at North American premiere of Coen Brother’s Burn After Reading at Toronto International Film Festival.

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18 thoughts on “Nice Brad Pitt photos”

  1. In the first hour of the movie, none of the Brad Pitts are real.

    Now, they could have him do anything… Think of how many movie projects he could take on now!

  2. Sure, he’s only got like 5 projects lined up now untill 2012, lazy, lazy I say. I hope Jack Nicholson goes digital next, then maybe even I could hire him. Ha ha, hope 🙂

  3. It’s not a puppet or robot. It’s a head model that was scanned, just like Brad Pitt’s real head was scanned. In the movie, the first hour of "old Brad" is all a digital face overlay over body actors chosen for the body age (hands, height).

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