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Brad Pitt
Image by Caro Wallis
A friend’s grandma passed away yesterday and so I thought I would make today’s photo about grandparents. These are my paternal grandparents, in their twenties. On the reverse of my grandad’s photo it says ‘My fondest love, dear, for ever. Love, Bill x x x’. On the back of my grandma’s photo it simply says ’27 Nov 1943′, meaning she would have been twenty years old. My dad estimates my grandad to be about twenty-four years old in his photo.

The locket that my grandma is wearing is the same one as in my photograph here. I suspect that it contained pictures of grandad then, as they had yet to marry and my dad hadn’t been born, but since I was born it has contained two photos of me as a baby 🙂

I never met my grandad, he died before I was born, but I knew my grandma very well and she lived with us from about 1990 until she died in 2002. She was the one who bought me my first digital camera in about 2000 and consequently ignited my interest in photography, and so I hope I’m making her, and my grandad, proud. Finally, as you can see, I definitely get my good looks from my father’s side 😉 (Ps. Grandad, you look a little bit like Brad Pitt)!

Brad Pitt
Image by Bildbunt

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