Nice Angelina Jolie Photo photos

Check out these Angelina Jolie Photo photos:

Annie Leibovitz Photo No. 3 – Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie Photo
Image by Kris Olin

Angelina Jolie Photo
Image by SimonWhitaker
She might be the galaxy’s most glittering star, but this is all I can see whenever I look at Angelina Jolie – a skull with a whacking big pair of sausages where her lips should be.

Sorry Ange!

(Images purloined from kessiye and mccun934 and used under a creative commons license.)

Sep 12
Angelina Jolie Photo
Image by Scott Dierdorf
The refuse of modern society, courtesy of Fry’s.

2 thoughts on “Nice Angelina Jolie Photo photos”

  1. hah! what an awesome use for my sausages.

    I have to agree with your analogy. I just watched "Wanted" last night and could barely get through it.

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