Move Over Kim! Why We’re Obsessing Over The Other Kardashians In 2016

Love them or hate them, the Kardashians have been hitting the headlines for some time now. But, have you noticed that this year, there’s been a major surge in the popularity of the other sisters? For years, Kim has dominated the tabloids and social media sites, but 2016 is the year the other sisters to share the limelight. Here are just a few reasons why we’re obsessing over the other Kardashians/Jenners this spring.


For a long time, Khloe was the least well-known of the famous Kardashian trio, but this year, she’s really come into her own. She launched a brand new TV show, Kocktails With Chloe, and the gang has completed yet more filming for KUWTK. With plans in the pipeline for another new programme recently announced, this is her time to shine. Khloe has openly struggled with her weight in the past, but not a day goes by when she’s not pictured leaving the gym. She’s lost weight, toned up, and obviously grown in confidence. She’s grabbing the attention of the paparazzi with her new look. She’s also a regular in the latest celebrity gossip columns thanks to her turbulent love life. On TV, she comes across as bubbly, funny and kind and she captured the heart of many nations when she married Lamar Odom after a whirlwind romance. Many felt her pain and devastation when the relationship broke down. There are leagues of Khloe fans out there, hoping she finds her Prince Charming soon.


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The eldest Jenner sister, tomboy Kendall was known for being understated, caring and quiet on camera. Kendall and younger sister, Kylie, have grown up in a family home, which is also a film set. She appears to have remained fairly normal and down to earth considering her starry background. 2016 has already been a fantastic year for Kendall. Not only has she hit runways across the world, modelling for huge names including Chanel. She’s also dealt with press attention with great maturity and dignity. It can’t have been easy dealing with comments and speculation about her father, Bruce and his transition into Caitlin Jenner. But she’s managed it, and she’s become a global star.

Caitlin Jenner

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The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Kylie has always been a bit of a rebel. Sweet, gentle and timid compared to her older siblings, Kylie also has a wild side. This year, she’s established herself as a fashion and beauty icon. She’s also a regular at high-profile events, often with boyfriend Tyga in tow. Still just a teenager, she’s bought her own home and is clearly a chip off the old block when it comes to business. She already has successful ventures in fashion, beauty and hair extensions under her belt.


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Oldest sister Kourtney has often lived in Kim’s shadow. She’s known for being blunt and sarcastic, and her bohemian style makes her a regular in the ‘best dressed’ lists. Since her breakup with with Scott Disick, speculation about Kourtney’s dating diary has been rife. The brunette beauty has been spotted with Justin Bieber a number of times. She insisted that they are just friends, much to the relief of thousands of teenage girls.

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For years, we’ve been all about Kim, but 2016 is officially the year to celebrate the rest of the Kardashian clan.

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