Question by En – Doritos: I know 3 Virgos with Mercury in Libra and they all enjoy celebrity gossip?
you know… they like to watch like Entertainment Tonight or the old trolls celebrities on Twitter. The other is always checking out celebrity gossip online. is this a trend or just coincidence?
the one* trolls celebrities
these are all women.

and i think you’re right that its the Libra mercury
one of these is my mom, and she’s telling me about Mel Gibson or something and i’m like huh what? who cares? just some famous guy! LOL

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Answer by Geela
Are they dudes or chicks? 😀

Haha, that’s pretty funny. I don’t think I know the Mercury signs of any Virgos in my life, with the exception of my brother (who has his Mercury in Virgo). But he’s not into celebrity gossip at all.

I have a sister who is a Pisces with her Mercury in Aquarius. She absolutely LOVES celebrity gossip. She’s got tons on celebrity-based magazines everywhere around her house (Star, US weekly, you get the picture) and loves to watch all of those shows depicting the latest information on celebrities. Haha, it’s funny. ^.^

I am a Libra, and my Mercury is also in Libra. I partially enjoy celebrity gossip. One part of me says, “Can these people seriously find NO other way to spend their time other than by following the lives of celebrities?” while the other part of me says, “Wow…this is so interesting and hysterical XD”

I don’t buy any magazines. However, if People Magazine is sitting out on a table near me, I might skim through a few pages. I’ve got curiosity, but I also know not to believe everything you read. And a lot of the time, it doesn’t even really matter. Interesting, yes. But really, there are better ways to spend your time.

Maybe Mercury in Libra brings about some kind of curiosity about “the latest gossip”. I don’t know. I’m just taking a shot in the dark here, because I don’t know any Virgo people with Libra Mercury. 😛

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