how does celebrity gossip affect our daily lives?

Question by Carla F: how does celebrity gossip affect our daily lives?
how does celebrity gossip affect our daily lives.

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Answer by The Man
it doesnt

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  1. well for me i actually really want to work in the media. the media is amazing the fact that they can manipulate us soooo much. very interesting huh?

  2. Anyone who goes to websites and buys magazine affects their daily lives by wanting to know more about people and trying to see if Hollwood has flaws. So many people look up to actors/musicians/political people for scandals, weddings, children, and fashion that it becomes over powering. People forget to live their lives with the means they have and try to live a lifestyle that will never be theirs as a fellow celebrity.

  3. It doesn’t? I stay away from those magazines when I can. Although I guess that’s where we get a lot of from? Celebrity gossip can be depressing, we don’t all have heaps of cash, looks and sexy boyfriends!

  4. Most us have better things to do then keep us with celebrities gossip crap. I am not them, I will never be them I can not relate to them in anyway. Why exercise the effort.

  5. It has affected my daily life this day in the form of this question. Other than that, it’s pretty much just looking at celebrity gossip magazines at the checkout stand while waiting my turn.

  6. I’m always looking for updates. I don’t care, but I am always hoping to see the glamor shots and it kind of keeps me updated so I know what people are talking about. It also keeps me from doing my work as I’m checking for updates.
    Pretty much, it waste tons of my time on nothing that is relevant.

  7. It shows us the intelligence levels of the friends. Do they believe the stories? Can they distinguish reality from the Natl Inquirer? Inquiring minds want to know.

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