How come you never hear any classy celebrity gossip?

Question by Peter O: How come you never hear any classy celebrity gossip?
You know like some scandal involving the first chair violinist, the conductor, and maybe the french horn player as well, of some major symphonic orchestra. It is always involves some hackneyed b-list pop stars.
If anyone can top page, I want to see it!

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baby kissed lil wayne

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7 thoughts on “How come you never hear any classy celebrity gossip?”

  1. The majority of the US population is not in “classy” symphony circles. Symphony people are never in People magazine, only b-list pop stars hence they’re the ones that make the news. But if you hear any gossip like who the first chair flute player in the San Francisco Symphony is banging the lead in Phantom of the Opera in Broadway let me know, cause I’d be all over that sh*t.

  2. we dint hear any classy gossip because people are envious of celebrities and they want to get some dirt on them to make themselves feel Superior

  3. Because sadly they do not sell magazines, advertising on TV and etc. If they belonged to the right PR firm and did some cheese or beef cake shots in Playboy or Playgirl then they might get some publicity but till then no first chair oboe player of the Boston Symphony Orchestra caught with a hooker in the daily news. I dunno that might make the Enquirer. LOL

  4. Because its only B-list popstars, has beens and losers off some reality TV show whose publicists have to stoop low enough to get them into the pages of Heat magazine. They crave publicity like a smack addict craves his next fix (hello, Mr Doherty!)

    I agree, you never seem to hear anything about the principle dancer with the Royal Ballet “telling all” to NOW! Magazine about her sexploits with an Opera Singer do you?

    I guess these people are secure enough in their careers and talent that they don’t need the publicity. They are not fame-sluts after all.

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