Fight Club

Some cool Brad Pitt images:

Fight Club
Brad Pitt
Image by G Crackle
7-layer Stencil of Brad Pitt from Fight Club, 16" X 20" Canvas with Mtn Hardcore Spraypaint.
Available on etsy:…

Burn After Reading
Brad Pitt
Image by wvs
Brad Pitt at the premiere of Coen Brothers’ Burn After Reading at Toronto International Film Festival.

Me at Brad + Angie’s House
Brad Pitt
Image by downtownBLUE
Yes, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie supposedly live here.

11 thoughts on “Fight Club”

  1. "This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time." If only there were more Tyler Durdens in the world.

  2. Your photos seem to describe Toronto as a very exciting place, what with film festivals and stuff. I’ve only been there once and I’ve pinpointed tons of places I’ve seen then in your photos. Too bad nothing like that happens in Ottawa as much.

  3. I’m really enjoying these slightly surreal through-the-crowd portraits. Nice work turning the obstructions into composition elements.

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