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Question by Happy: Fashion, Style, Trends, and Celebrity Gossip Website?
Hello everyone!! My new website is dedicated to those that love Celebrity Fashion, Style and Gossip…This site is fairly new, please let me know what you think of it…Your opinions are truly appreciated!! http://alliwantiseverything.com

I have been getting a good amount of visitors but I would love to have visitors join my message board: http://alliwantiseverything.com/forum/

or comment on my blogs:
Celebrity STYLE — http://alliwantiseverything.com/style/
Celebrity GOSSIP — http://alliwantiseverything.com/celeb/
Sorry if this come off as an ad!! I just wanted to know your opinions and suggestions and if you like my site…and at the same time added the last comments… 🙂

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Answer by miss viss
thnx venus!! though its not really a qs. more like an ad but anyone who’s interested in what you just advertise would have the same feeling as i have right now!!!

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