People follow celebrities on social media for various reasons. One reason why women are attracted to female celebrities is their beauty. Celebrities look flawless on photos and videos. The portrayed perfection causes their fans to follow their every move and copy their beauty regimes. The expectation is that when the fans get and follow the beauty regime, they too will look perfect. So, how much will it cost you to look like your favourite celebrity? Can you afford his or her beauty regime? Here are a few findings that should shed some light on how much it really costs to look like a celebrity.


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The Influence of Celebrities in the World of Beauty

The effect that celebrities have in the beauty industry is undeniable. Everybody wants to know the products that celebrities use from head to toe. Any product that a celebrity endorses immediately becomes a bestseller. In fact, many celebrities understand their level of influence and are cashing in on it. Instead of promoting other people’s products, many start their own product lines and make millions every year. For instance, Kylie Jenner makes £16.5 million every year from her lipstick line. Social media has made it easy for fans to stay updated on every move that a celebrity makes. Consequently, any beauty or health regime that a celebrity shares is replicated in millions of homes around the world.

The Cost of Beauty in the UK

A report published in Flux magazine that was conducted by My Voucher Codes estimated the amount that people in the UK spend on beauty. According to the article, about £284 million goes to beauty products in the UK. The high cost may be linked to the amount celebrities spend on their beauty regimes. The article outlines that Kim Kardashian spends £2,300 on beauty and skincare products while her sister Kylie spends £2,800. The two celebrities have more than 177 million followers on Instagram. It is possible that thousands of women spend an equal amount or even more in efforts to look like the celebrities.

People in the UK are not only spending a huge amount of money on beauty products alone. According to the article, a significant amount goes to beauty treatments and hairdressing. For instance, people are willing to spend £37 on hair colour and £16 on hair removal.

The Cost of Popular Cosmetic Procedures

You now have an idea of the amount you will spend on beauty products to look like Kim Kardashian. If you want to go a step further and tattoo your eyebrows, you will spend £350- £650. A simple procedure like lash extension costs £60 – £200. You will have fuller eyelashes but the procedure is costly. You can get a fuller face and eliminate all the lines and wrinkles with dermal injectable fillers. One syringe costs about £400, which may be insufficient depending on the condition of your skin. The cost of exfoliating your skin is estimated at £65- £165 per treatment section.


You can tell from the data outlined in this article that looking like your idol will cost you thousands of pounds every year. The data also indicates that the cost of beauty products and treatments in the UK is likely to rise further in the future. You may want to adapt an affordable beauty regime if you cannot keep up with your idol.