Some cool George Clooney images:

don’t act like the giant boquet of sunflowers is normal george
George Clooney
Image by seasmoked

Georges’ passport
George Clooney
Image by THEfunkyman

Madame Toussaud’s Berlin [2]
George Clooney
Image by Yaisog Bonegnasher
another shot from our trip to the newly-opened Madame Toussaud’s in Berlin (see this photo for the story). I thought about posting this as a JSOVT(MB) picture, but then again you cannot really see her sitting on something.

I don’t know what it is with Clooney and the women, or women and the Clooney, but it’s something, I guess.
we had to wait maybe 5 minutes to take this picture, because some old guy with a Sony alpha, his wife and a kid took that long to get all the pictures the absolutely needed of them and the Clooney in ever-changing combinations. the kid was barely bigger than the camera and needed seemingly forever to shoot a single frame, followed by an instant validation from the dad. from what I could see waiting behind him, his pictures sucked anyway. is it true that the more expensive a camera, the longer one needs to take a picture? in that case I’ll stick with a non-DLSR, thank you.

this photo is also auto-whitebalanced, after being shot in "daylight" mode. I desaturated it quite a bit, because the light was really crazy. apart from a little cropping, that’s it.