Does anybody give a damn about celebrity gossip?

Question by Jazzy J: Does anybody give a damn about celebrity gossip?
I am annoyed by people that talks about celebrities all the time, I mean close friends I know, they always talks about this rubbish subjects. They are my close friends but celebrity gossips is unhealthy or fantasizing about hot actress’s. I care about there own life than giving a damn about celebrities that they will never meet in real life..How can I help them get rid of those lame celebrity gossip subjects?

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Answer by BabaBright
I could care less about celebrities.

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5 thoughts on “Does anybody give a damn about celebrity gossip?”

  1. naw dude. I can’t stand how people place it in high priority when there are real important matters to know about around the world. It’s sad how our nation is rotting their brain with stupidity. I don’t see shiz that should be interesting about the goings about of people who want to be known publicly. Am afraid there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Stupidity is contagious and am afraid the US is largely contaminated with ignorance. I for one do not read or watch anything about celebretard gossip. I guess we can make a change by not falling into their magazines and gossip channels and websites.

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