Do you read celebrity gossip blogs?

Question by Johnny’s Mommy: Do you read celebrity gossip blogs?
If so, what’s your favorite blog to read?

Best answer:

Answer by Ang-Tea&Mad’s Mommy
Yes, I love TMZ.

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22 thoughts on “Do you read celebrity gossip blogs?”

  1. I am on 15 times a day.

    Sometimes i will check out TMZ, but at work,the pics won’t come up on their website.

  2. Yes, I do – it’s so addictive and it distracts me from work when I need a quick distraction. LOL

    My favs are, dlisted and Just Jared.

  3. This doesn’t count as a blog, but I do get on some of the NASCAR Topix forums.

    I’m kind of sorry I did. I found out things about my driver that I never wanted to know. They may not have been true, but they still affected how I looked at him.

    I’m trying to wean myself off them now.

    Oh! wait, I do check out a blog occasionally–onelugnutshort. That guy can be hilarious, and he does sound informed, like he’s done his homework.

  4. Yes.. I’m not obsessed with them or all the constant updates, but I enjoy letting my mind take a break from everything to read them.. Being a SAHM I have to stay cool and not let my brain just rot away LOL!

    I read TMZ mostly or E! Online..I really enjoy US or People magazines.

  5. not usually…if I go I read OMG on yahoo..but really I could care less most of the time

  6. Yes, I do. I read Us Weekly’s website and TMZ. It’s under my favorites so I can easily check it during the day. I know that’s kinda sad, but I just love gossip.

  7. Not really, occasionally I read OMG to see what Celeb is doing their best to help others who are struggeling. But as thats not happening much last time I read anything of theirs was about a yr ago.

  8. Sometimes. That stuff can really suck you in,I dont it seriously. I like or Bossip, Strictly entertainment

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