Do you like reading or discussing celebrity gossip?

Question by Junglist: Do you like reading or discussing celebrity gossip?
I do because I’d rather talk about celebrity gossip than gossip about friends or family. It’s much more fun that way!
They make enough money, they can handle it 😀
Except Britney… poor Britney.

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Answer by Athena13
No because they are like everyone else. Making money does not change the fact that they are people. Gossip is terrible no matter who it is about.

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2 thoughts on “Do you like reading or discussing celebrity gossip?”

  1. I think it’s sad that we know more about a celebrity’s screw ups than we do about their talent or their artistic projects. What I really hate are those kiss and tell books people write where they drop names of all the famous folks they’ve slept with and what they did during the act… ACK! Sometimes it’s just TMI, ya know?

  2. Whenever the newpaper reach my home, the first thing I do is get rid of the country news that cover the celebrity news. then I start reading the gossip.

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