A few nice Vince Vaughn images I found:

Vince Vaughn’s trailer
Vince Vaughn
Image by swanksalot
filming some scenes at Sepia allegedly.


meh, not very star struck re: Vince Vaughn. Now, if Ron Howard were making a film version of Arrested Development, now I’d be excited.

Fliming Fred Claus
Vince Vaughn
Image by Mike Mertz
Filming on location in Chicago. Fred Claus, due out November 2007, stars Vince Vaughn. In the scene being filmed, Vaughn steals a red Salvation Army kettle and sprints down Michigan Avenue to avoid a gang of mall Santa’s chasing after him. And in the process, a person totally oblivious to the movie being filmed, walked directly in the way and got run into. Brilliant!

As a side note, watching a movie being filmed is exciting as watching paint dry.

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