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vicky cristina barcelona correfocs
Penelope Cruz
Image by austinevan
A "Correfocs" in Barrio Gracia (Barcelona, Spain) during Festa Mayor 2007 was also the set of Woody Allen’s movie "Vicky Cristina Barcelona". Normally, there is a Correfocs during the Merce Festival in the fall but because of the filming of Woody Allen’s film, a smaller Correfocs was run during the production (near the hotel Casa Fuster where the actors were staying). My daughter Anna and I were lucky enough to see it.

The "devils" try to burn the spectators with large torches.

Many people are badly burned while trying to escape from the "devils". These events go back hundreds of years in Catalunya. At various neighborhood festivals throughout the year, teams of "devils" and "dragons" compete against each other (for costumes and originality). But they also "compete" against the general public, as teams of "devils & dragons&quot, in a test of wills, prowl through the narrow streets spitting out fire from their torches. Those spectators with enough courage (and heavy clothing) attempt to block or tackle the "devils" as they move through each intersecting street.

It’s very exhilerating trying to get close to the devils then run when they try to set you on fire.

Lights from Gaudi’s Casa Batlló
Penelope Cruz
Image by james | studiosushi™
Lights from Gaudi’s Casa Batlló, Barcelona … tribute to Vicky Cristina Barcelona … read more

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